The $20 Laptop Stand That Saved Me From Tech Neck Is Finally Back in Stock

It was sold out for weeks.
By Tess Garcia
November 03, 2020
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One of the most unsurprising effects of my work-from-home routine has been the sharp increase in time I spend with my neck craned over a laptop. I didn’t think much about it at first, but after a few months of adulting from my bedroom, I was forced to accept the inconvenient reality that I’d developed a serious case of “tech neck,” or chronic neck and upper back pain caused by extensive time spent looking down at a screen. 

When you’re on your laptop for a living, it can be tough to nail down an effective long-term solution to this seemingly inevitable problem. By some stroke of luck, I found my remedy in the Moft Invisible Compact Laptop Stand, a $20 gadget that elevates my laptop to the perfect height for keeping my head and neck upright. It sells out all the time, but the stand is in stock on Amazon right now.


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Moft’s laptop stand is a far cry from the bulky, table-like options you’re probably accustomed to seeing. The ultra-thin, compact stand adds virtually no weight to my laptop, which means I don’t need to remove it on the days that I choose to work from a (socially distanced) coffee shop. Even so, it’s incredibly effective in elevating my laptop, with a 25-degree tilt that raises my screen up to eye level. 

To use the laptop stand, just stick it to the back of your laptop as directed by Moft’s easy-to-follow instructions, unfold it like a piece of paper, and lay the lower piece down on a flat surface. If you’ve done it right, your laptop will hardly budge when propped up. Lowering it back down is an equally simple task—just fold the extended piece onto the back of your laptop and you’re done. 

“I was skeptical at first if the weight of the laptop was going to cause the back portion to continuously slip, but that wasn’t the case here,” one reviewer wrote. “It’s an add-on to the actual laptop itself which eliminates the hassle of carrying bulky laptop stands when traveling.” 

Portable Laptop Stands on Amazon:

Others agree that the portability of the Moft stand makes it a must-have: “This lightweight flexible stand is so good, you can use it anywhere. You can permanently attach it at the rear and literally neglect its presence. It doesn’t disturb.”

Buy the Moft Invisible Compact Laptop Stand on Amazon now and I promise your posture will thank you. Hurry, though: Since it’s prone to selling out, there’s no telling how long the stand will still be available.