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Save on Groceries with Pantry Staples
Stockpiling your pantry can cut your weekly grocery bill in half! Save some major money with these tips.
Upgrade Your Pantry Staples
Invest in a higher-quality version of these 11 basic ingredients and taste the payoff in every bite.
Pantry Staples Checklist
Every cook needs a well-stocked kitchen. With these few essential ingredients on hand, you’ll always be able to whip up a meal quickly.
13 Whole Foods Pantry Staples Under $5
We can't get enough of Whole Foods' 365 Everyday Value line. The affordable products come out on top in taste tests time and time again, and they've become staples in our pantry, fridge and freezer. Stock up on these finds next time you're at Whole Foods—we guarantee they'll be put to frequent use.
5 DIY Stain-Fighting Solutions from?Pantry Staples
These DIY pre-treating stain solutions call for ingredients you probably already have at home—and they get rid of tough stains from mustard, lipstick, ink, and more!
9 Cozy Recipes You Can Make From Pantry Staples
Aren’t interested in braving the snow and cold? With these simple dishes made with basics you already have on hand, you don’t even have to change out of your pajamas.
What Is Your Favorite Pantry Staple?
Real Simplereaders share the go-to ingredients and products that help them put something tasty together.
Quick Nutty Noodles
Just a few pantry staples come together to make a silky, slurpable sauce.
Give Your Pantry a Healthy Makeover
Upgrade these pantry staples for even healthier ones and your pantry will be looking good―and good for you―in no time.
10 Ingredients, 10 Menus
With these easy menu ideas and some basic pantry staples, you'll have a month's worth of new standby recipes.
Fresh Cavatelli With Garlic Tomato Sauce
Only eight pantry staples stand between you and a bowl of this epically delicious pasta.