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6 Great Gardening Essentials
These tools will help get your garden in tip-top shape for spring.
How to Build a Hydroponic Garden
Some say that hydroponic gardening is the future of gardening and farming. Save space and increase your crop yield by learning how to build a hydroponic garden yourself.
It's not just for green thumbs. Anyone can pick up a trowel and start gardening indoors or outdoors. Start here for guides to durable outdoor plants, tips on hydrangea care, advice for plant care for all types of indoor and outdoor plants, and more essential knowledge any gardener—veteran or just starting out—can use.
Outdoor Gardening
Dealing with outdoor plants also means dealing with the conditions—think pests and weeds—that come with outdoor gardening. With our comprehensive knowledge of outdoor gardening, you can find durable outdoor plants (and even plants that repel bugs) and learn which outdoor, colorful plants will help your space look the prettiest—all while battling those outdoor pests.
Month-by-Month Guide to Vegetable Gardening
How to prep, plant, and maintain your garden for a bountiful harvest every season.
Beginner Vegetable Gardening Made Easy
Planting tomatoes, carrots, or cukes for the first time? If you're a novice, you're in luck. We have all the vegetable gardening tips you'll need to plan, prepare, plant, and maintain a successful garden.
Indoor Gardening
Mastering indoor gardening is all about finding the right houseplants (common or uncommon) and learning to give them the care they need. Research low-light houseplants, learn how to repot a plant, figure out where to buy plants online, and discover how to give spider plants, air plants, and more greens the care they deserve, all right here.
6 Gardening Essentials
Whether you're a seasoned gardener, or you have a barely-green thumb, these pretty and practical tools will help you step up your game this spring.