Here's what to declutter right now without a second thought.

By Katie Holdefehr
November 03, 2020
Credit: Getty Images

During a pandemic year, when many of us are spending more time at home than usual, it's a particularly good time to reevaluate our belongings. For example, while many weddings and other big events are on pause, it's an opportunity to declutter the gowns and formal attire we don't expect to wear again. Plus, by getting rid of items you no longer need this fall, you'll free up space for holiday decor and family activities this winter. Just think, with the dining table (finally!) cleared off, you'll have room for family dinners, jigsaw puzzles, and craft projects.

Now that Halloween 2020 is over, sort through that collection of getups from All Hallows' Eves past. You might want to keep basics that can be used again, like a witch's hat or cloak, but toss any specific costumes you or your kids are unlikely to rewear. If they're in good condition, you may be able to disinfect and donate them.?

Before you start roasting vegetables and making mulled wine, we have some news: your spices are most likely expired. Expired spices are generally harmless, but they do lose flavor. Take a minute to sort through your spice cabinet so you can enjoy more delicious meals this winter.?

If you switched from working out at the gym to exercising at home, you should already know exactly which workout gear you actually use. Is that yoga mat or folding treadmill still collecting dust in the closet? It may be time to let it go and focus on the workouts you can actually commit to.?

If you switch to foundation or powder that's a shade more sun-kissed during the summer months, consider getting rid of these cosmetics before winter hits. It may be tempting to keep them for next year, but old makeup can become a breeding ground for bacteria.

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Make room in the garage or attic by ditching broken umbrellas and beach chairs. Donate tattered beach towels to your local animal rescue.?

Let's face it: if your kids haven't played with a toy while home over the past seven months, they've officially outgrown it. Decluttering the toy chest now means they'll have room for new presents this holiday season.?

Now that many in-person weddings have been rescheduled or put on hold, it's a good time to check out your stash of formal dresses or outfits. It may be time to ditch anything you haven't worn in several years or that no longer fits.

If you have a collection of dresses you'll never wear again but that are in good condition (yes, all those bridesmaid dresses), consider donating them to your local Goodwill or Salvation Army.?