From things to do on Halloween to Halloween food ideas to fun quotes and puns to share on October 31, consider this your guide to a great All Hallows’ Eve. We’ve got spooky, scary, and cute—plus easy costumes for the last-minute planner and pumpkin carving stencils for the person who couldn’t wait to start celebrating and decorating.

Everything You Need on October 31

11 Things to Do on Halloween If You’re Not Going Trick-or-Treating

Not planning on going door to door? Here are a few Halloween-themed?activities?you can do right at home (or nearby), with kids or on your own.

31 Simple, Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Don’t Require a Trip to the Costume Store

The months seem to go by faster and faster until, before you know it, it’s October 30, and you’re scrambling to put together a last-minute Halloween costume of your own creation. Your attempt at a DIY Halloween costume (perhaps something inspired by your favorite Halloweentown character, pulled from the options already in your closet) may leave something to be desired, though. You knew Halloween was coming—you’ve likely been trading Halloween quotes and Halloween puns for weeks now, between binge-watching Halloween movies on Netflix. Sure, you might have planned to go as a pineapple, an astronaut, or even just a witch, but as the days passed, you just never got around to getting to the costume store to buy that ensemble. It happens to the best of us. Fortunately, waiting until the last minute to research Halloween costume ideas doesn’t mean you’ll be relegated to being the photographer all evening long while everyone else shows off their smart costumes. RELATED:?These Are Going to Be the Top Halloween Costumes in 2019 Our editors have anticipated your dilemma and come up with some last-minute Halloween costume ideas that you can pull together in a snap. There’s no trip to the store (which is probably picked over anyway) necessary. You can create a great, easy Halloween costume with just a trip to your closet, and no one will ever know you waited until the last-minute to do so—unless you tell them, of course. Cheap Halloween costumes don’t get better than this. These costumes can work for all kinds of Halloween party themes and situations, particularly if the mood is more playful and funny than seriously spooky. Whether you really did procrastinate on your costume this year or you’re just expected to have a new costume for every party, lunch, school event, and trick-or-treating occasion, these last-minute Halloween costumes have you covered—no need to thank us when your DIY get-up wins the top prize at the costume parade. RELATED: Pumpkin Carving Stencils

13 Famous Halloween Quotes and Sayings to Get You in the Holiday Spirit

Let the good (and scary) times roll with these funny and spooky quotes from famous Halloween-themed movies, songs, and books.

4 Fun, Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas—Plus How-to Videos So You Can Actually Do Them

The best part? You can achieve most of these Halloween makeup looks with what’s already in your makeup bag, plus a few small additions.

18 Halloween Movies on Netflix You Can Watch Right Now to Get in the Spooky Spirit

Whether you’re looking for something spooky, a Halloween classic, a family Halloween movie, or kids’ Halloween movies, Netflix has something to get everyone into the holiday spirit.

How to Carve a Pumpkin Like a Pro

This step-by-step guide to carving pumpkins will turn any gourd into a doorstep-ready masterpiece.

Halloween Food

46 Delicious Halloween Desserts and Treats That Will Have Everyone Howling for More

Candy, what candy? With a lineup of homemade sweets ranging from pumpkin cheesecake to a candy corn popsicle, you’ll forget all about it.

15 Decadent Desserts to Make Using Leftover Halloween Candy

'Tis the season for excessive sugar, and we're here for it.?What better way to celebrate the best candy holiday than with a sweet treat packed with Peanut M&M's, Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, Skittles, and Snickers?

More Halloween Fun

No, Halloween Isn’t Canceled This Year—Here’s How to Celebrate Safely

You can still have your tricks and treats—with a twist.