Come Together

Holiday gatherings and celebrations don’t look the way they used to, but maybe that’s just an opportunity to create new holiday traditions. Here, we’ll walk you through safe and celebratory activities you can do this year to keep things merry and bright. Who knows: You might just have new traditions by the next holiday season.

Enjoy Holiday Traditions That Never Change

Celebrate Sweet Treats

How to Host a Cookie Exchange or Swap

The purpose of a cookie exchange is that you bake one kind of cookie and, through swapping with friends, end up with an assortment that will last you a while. Here’s how to organize a cookie swap for you and your friends.

93 Christmas Cookie Recipes for Absolutely Any Holiday Occasion

Around this time of year, there’s no such thing as too many Christmas cookies. With the right cookie recipes, these tasty little holiday treats are ready for any occasion.

Make the Most of New Traditions

8 Ways to Cope If You Can’t See Family and Friends This Holiday Season

Celebrating alone or with a smaller group than usual doesn’t mean you can’t still feel the holiday cheer.