Home for the Holidays

From outdoor entertaining ideas and decorating shortcuts to menu planning tips and cooking tricks, here's everything you'll need to pull off festive—and stress-free—holiday celebrations all year round. This month: A guide to gift wrapping, plus the best supplies to help you impress your friends and family this holiday.

Wrapping 101

How to Wrap a Present

Can you always find the perfect gift, but struggle to get the wrapping just right? Struggle no more: This easy method for wrapping presents will help the presentation look just as good as the gift itself.

11 Gift Wrapping Mistakes You’re Making—and How to Fix Them

The world’s most-famous gift-wrap artist gets real about the gift wrapping mistakes many people make.

6 Timeless Traditional Gift Wrapping Ideas

To create a timeless look with modern appeal, opt for classic paper patterns with an updated twist (like glittery plaid or oversize gingham). Then add an unexpected adornment for a gorgeous traditional gift wrapping look.

6 Incredibly Cool Contemporary Gift Wrapping Ideas

For gift wrapping that will work through the winter season and beyond, choose elements that hit on a trend rather than a holiday (like holographic ribbon, terrazzo-inspired paper, or an instant photo as a fun tag).

Wrapping Supplies

The Coolest Gift Wrap Supplies for the Holidays

When it’s time to start thinking about Halloween costumes (for you or your kids), you have two options: Head to a costume store and pick up a bagged costume, or create a DIY Halloween costume.

Wrapping Hacks

5 Simple Secrets That Take Gift Wrapping to a Whole New Level

Following these little tricks while gift wrapping will give every present a polished edge—and they don’t cost a thing.