The $25 Cushioned Knee Pillow That All Side Sleepers Need

It’s designed to support your knees, back, and stomach.
By Summer Cartwright
November 09, 2020
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Side sleepers, rejoice! There’s a pillow out there that can help soothe your joints and knees so you can finally get a peaceful night’s rest. Designed to contour around your legs to provide much-needed joint support, the Cushy Form memory foam pillow is shaped to better align your back and neck so you won’t wake up feeling stiff as a board or frail as a feather. The orthopedic cushion is great for those who experience prevalent hip, back, neck, and knee pain—especially in the mornings. 

Though it might seem odd that a simple pillow can provide major relief, neurologists agree that, if the cushions are the correct size and shape, they can actually make a big difference. Sleep specialist and medical doctor W. Christopher Winter told Real Simple that memory foam pillows, like the Cushy Form one, are the best for achieving proper sleeping alignment—especially when they’re designed for specific sleep positions. 

The top-rated side-sleeper pillow has more than 4,000 perfect reviews and a following that credits it for changing their lives. 

“Ever since the very first night I used this pillow, I have not woken up to any pain or stiffness at all,” reported one happy shopper. “I can literally get out of bed quicker and easier than I have in 20 years. This pillow has been a miracle worker for me. My quality of life has improved because now, instead of getting up and wasting precious time on relieving pain and stiffness issues, I can start my morning with a smile on my face because I'm pain-free.”

Though it costs only $25, the memory foam material is by no means low quality or short-lasting. One shopper even said they’ve slept with it every night for the past three years and have noticed no difference in the pillow’s firmness. 

“This knee pillow really does help so much,” wrote one shopper. “The material is very soft and it's also very sturdy, so it holds its shape. This little knee pillow helps relieve pressure on my joints, muscles and tendons, so I wake up less sore.”

Based on these reviews, it’s no doubt that you’ll sleep easy using this beloved pillow. Shop it below and hit the hay happily.


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