Amazon Shoppers Are Calling This Rotating Oven the ‘Most Used’ Appliance in Their Kitchens

It can do so much more than just cook pizza.
By Stephanie Perry
November 02, 2020
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There’s a difference between creating food that tastes good and creating food that tastes great. Allow me to explain: Pizza cooked in your oven may taste fine, but pizza cooked in a wood-fire pizza stove will make all the difference to your taste buds. Because wood-fire pizza stoves are expensive and bulky, Amazon shoppers swear by the compact Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven for creating the perfect pie—as well as plenty of other dishes.

Why should you buy a rotating oven when your conventional oven works just fine? Instead of heating your food from one angle, the rotating model is able to ensure continuously even baking from both the top and the bottom of the device. Plus, you can personalize your heating settings so the top of your pizza can be gooey and cheesy while the bottom can stay crunchy and crisp. In addition to baking your pizza to perfection in less time (using one of the preset functions and timer that notifies you when its done), the oven also uses 60 percent less energy to cook your meal, according to the brand. 


To buy: $54;

Even if you’re not a pizza-aficionado, Amazon shoppers love using this clever tool for plenty of other dishes. Indoor s’mores, grilled cheese sandwiches, french fries, garlic bread, and chicken nuggets are just a few of the items customers say taste better on the Presto Rotating Oven

One reviewer writes, “This is easily the most used appliance in our kitchen, and we use it for so many meals. We often cook pizza, frozen appetizers (potato skins, mozzarella sticks, etc.), as well as pizza bagels, cookies, you name it! The Pizzazz is so much quicker to use than the traditional oven, and is amazingly versatile.”

Shoppers also note that prep time is quicker because pre-heating is not necessary and clean-up is easier because of the included non-stick tray. “[This machine] will usually cook before the oven could preheat to the desired temperature,” one wrote. “The turn-table is easy to clean and can be stored away to minimize space on your countertop.”

Whether you’re shopping for the foodie on your list or just looking for an appliance to make your life easier (and more delicious) try the top-rated Presto Pizzazz Plus Rotating Oven from Amazon that shoppers are calling the “best appliance [they’ve] ever owned.”